The Dogs of Inishere

Alannah Hopkin

The Dogs of Inishere collects stories from across Alannah Hopkin’s thirty-year career as a fiction and travel writer. The stories presented here move from adolescence to middle age, sensitive always to the particular social, emotional, and intellectual challenges of the different phases of a life. An adolescent girl bristles against the gendered assumptions and expectations of mid-60s London. A young writer struggles to commit fully to the artist’s life. A group of pub regulars in a sleepy seaside town observe the quiet disappoints of love and marriage. Along the way, Hopkin’s stories also wrestle and reckon with numerous literary influences, including Austen, Byron, Poe, Wilde, Lowry, and B.S. Johnson.

Alannah Hopkin is a novelist, travel writer, and critic. She has published two novels, A Joke Goes a Long Way in the Country and The Out-haul, as well as numerous travel guides to Ireland, and she regularly reviews books for the Irish Examiner. The Dogs of Inishere is her first story collection.

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