The Brueghel Moon

Tamaz Chiladze
Translated by Maya Kiasashvili

The Brueghel Moon is narrated by a successful psychologist whose wife, as the novel opens, is leaving him for a better life, which seems to be any kind of life that will be better away from him. Realizing that her marriage is little more than a “fact/reality born out of habit,” she tells him: “We were doctor and patient rather than husband and wife.” As she prepares to make her exit, he stoutly tries to maintain his dignity, but that is soon mixed with defensiveness, poor attempts at humor, indignation, and
accusations of infidelity, which appear to be true. Like many left behind in the break-up of a marriage, he becomes lost in a world of fantasy, doubt, and desperate attempts to regain his life.

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Translated by Maya Kiasashvili
Format: pb
Number of pages: 96
ISBN-13: 978-1-62897-093-7
Publication date: January 2015
Language: Eng
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