The Author and Me

Eric Chevillard
Translated by Jordan Stump

Eric Chevillard here seeks to clear up a persistent and pernicious literary misunderstanding: the belief that a novel’s narrator must necessarily be a mouthpiece for his or her writer’s own opinions.

Thus, we are introduced to a narrator haunted by a deep loathing for cauliflower gratin (and by a no less passionate fondness for trout almondine), yet his monologue has been helpfully and hilariously annotated in order to clarify all the many ways in which this gentleman and Chevillard are nothing alike. Language and logic are pushed to their farthest extremes in one of Chevillard’s funniest novels yet.

Eric Chevillard was born in 1964 in la Roche-sur-yon in the west of France. He published his first novel at the age of twenty-three, and has since gone on to publish more than twenty works of fiction, many of which are available in English, including The Crab Nebula, On the Ceiling, Palafox, Prehistoric Times, and Demolishing Nisard.

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Translated by Jordan Stump
Format: paperback
Number of pages: 140
ISBN-13: 978-1-62897-075-3
Publication date: September, 2014
Language: French, English
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