Ignacy Karpowicz
Translated by Maya Zakrzewska-Pim

Sonka is the story of an old woman, lonely, forgotten, and shunned by her community, until one day a theater director’s car breaks down near her house, and an unexpected guest supplies her with the chance to tell her story. And so unfolds her tale of love between an SS officer and a local girl against the backdrop of the Second World War. Everyday chores are threaded with executions, stolen moments in between episodes of abuse, lies are thoughtlessly uttered only to change the worlds and lives of two families forever.

Ignacy Karpowicz is a Polish writer and translator. His fifth work, Balladyny i romanse, won him the Polityka Passport Prize in 2010. He was previously nominated for this award for his debut novel, Niehalo (2006), and has since been nominated for the Nike Literary Award for Gesty (2009), Balladyny I romanse (2011), osci (2013), and Sonka (2015).

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Translated by Maya Zakrzewska-Pim
Format: Paperback
Number of pages: 112
ISBN-13: 9781628972351
Publication date: January 2018
Language: English
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