sometimes i lie and sometimes i don’t

Nadja Spiegel
Translated by Rachel McNicholl

“It’s the tone of these stories, the way they were constructed, that highlights this author’s exceptional talent.”—KULTUR

Love, injury, deception, uncertainty, and self-sacrifice: debut author Nadja Spiegel is hardly the first person to write about these things, but the way she has written about them is incomparable. Constructing virtuoso depictions of life in a style that lets them get right under your skin, Spiegel’s precise, brittle, seemingly straightforward prose paints a vibrant picture of human compromise and cooperation with both humor and restraint. Bittersweet, made up of just a few simple strokes, these stories herald the arrival of an important new voice in European literature.

Nadja Spiegel was born in 1992 in Lustenau/Vorarlberg, and has published both prose and poetry. She won the Meta-Merz-Preis for young Austrian authors in 2009.

sometimes i lie
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Translated by Rachel McNicholl
Number of pages: 128
ISBN-13: 978-1-62897-062-3
Publication date: September 2015
Language: German
List price: $14.00