Point Counter Point

Lannan Selections
Aldous Huxley
Introduction by Nicholas Mosley

Point Counter Point was included in the Modern Library’s list of the “100 Best Works of the Century.” Along with Brave New World (written a few years later), Point Counter Point is Huxley’s most concentrated attack on the scientific attitude and its effect on modern culture. The novel is a satire of intellectual life in the 1920s, populated with characters based on such artists, politicians and intellectuals of the times as D. H. Lawrence, Katherine Mansfield, Sir Oswald Mosley, Nancy Cunard, and John Middleton Murray, as well as Huxley himself.

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Introduction by Nicholas Mosley
Publication: Lannan Selections
Format: Paperback / softback
Number of pages: 432
ISBN-13: 9781564781314
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Publication date: 3/1/2005
Language: eng
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