Paradoxes of Peace, or The Presence of Infinity

British Literature Series
Nicholas Mosley

Paradoxes of Peace continues the meditation of Mosley’s Time at War, at the end of which he wrote that humans find themselves at home in war because they feel they know what they have to do, whereas in peace they have to discover this. But what should inform them—custom? need? duty? ambition? desire? Forces pull in different directions—fidelity versus adventurousness, probity versus fun. During the war, Mosley found himself having to combine fondness for his father, Oswald Mosley, with the need to speak out against his post-war politics. In times of peace, his love for his wife and children, too, seemed riddled with paradoxes. He sought answers in Christianity, but came to see organized religion as primarily a social institution. How does caring not become a trap?

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