Christopher Woodall

November may be said to have four sets of protagonists: a group of night- shift workers in southeast France; their friends, relatives, lovers, and ac- quaintances; the factory in which they work; and the work itself.
Christopher Woodall is a writer and translator. His translations include Piero Camporesi’s Exotic Brew and Lydie Salvayre’s The Company of Ghosts. November is his first novel.

This novel takes place over the course of two and a half hours one eve- ning in November 1976 at the plastic die-casting workshop where these men are employed. Staggering in scope, November is a virtuosic perfor- mance—a contemporary take on the classical modernist novel, anato- mizing the ways we live, think, and labor; what we have lost; and what we are losing.

Christopher Woodall has by this point lived and studied in several European languages and places and worked at a variety of trades. Yet most of his writing still springs from a single, at first seemingly inconsequential, year-long encounter with a group of workingmen, in France, in 1976.

At present, among other things, he is working on the second novel in the tetralogy initiated with November.

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