Mongolian Travel Guide

Svetislav Basara
Translated by Randall A. Major

Hired to write a travel article for a magazine, Ulan-Bator ventures to Mongolia, where he finds a cast of odd and outlandish expatriates, including an ex-Red Army officer turned Buddhist, a French zombie, and an American correspondent for a newspaper that no longer exists. At the center of this philosophical romance is the Genghis Khan Hotel, where a group of drunken intellectuals endlessly debate a new cosmological theory proposing that the world itself is a hologram.

Born in 1953, Svetislav Basara is a major figure in Serbian and Eastern European literature. The author of more than twenty novels, essay and short story collections, he is also the winner of numerous awards and honors, including the NIN Prize in 2008. Between 2001 and 2005 Basara served as Serbia and Montenegro’s ambassador to Cyprus.

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Translated by Randall A. Major
Format: Paperback
Number of pages: 175
ISBN-13: 9781628972504
Publication date: February 2019
Language: English
List price: $16.00