Margarito and the Snowman


REYoung‘s latest features a nation buried in snow and ice in an obligatory 365 days a year Christmas celebration, a tribe of Mayan warriors in comedy troupe disguise, an existentially challenged hero known as the Snowman on a quest that takes him south of the border down ol’ Mexico way, and a B-grade movie director named Boone Weller with his own agenda. Is it a book? A movie? Told in a shoot from the hip Texas style, Margarito and the Snowman is loose, rangy, battered with an attitude and bound to offend everybody.

REYoung was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and lives in Austin, Texas, in a limestone cave deep beneath the city. He is the author of Unbabbling, a novel (Dalkey Archive Press 1997).

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Format: Paperback
Number of pages: 320
ISBN-13: 978-1628971446
Publication date: October 2016
Language: English
List price: $18.00