Man + Table

Nicholas Wadley

Following his anthologies Man + Dog (2009) and Man + Doctor (2012), Nick Wadley has, with our encouragement, compiled this collection of drawings around the theme of Man + Table. Tracing origins in the childhood world of “under the table,” he enjoys an habitual freedom to follow his nose, exploring predictable and unpredictable aspects of the subject, from the commonplace to the surreal and absurd.

Nicholas Wadley taught art history at Chelsea School of Art, London, from 1962 until 1985. As an art historian, his published books include Noa Noa, Gauguin s Tahiti and Impressionist and Post-Impressionist Drawing. He has also published books of cartoons and of drawings, and his drawings have accompanied the work of Robert Walser, Tom Whalen, Jasia Reichardt, John Ashbery, Simon Perchik, Lisa Jardine, and others. His own work has been exhibited in London, Buenos Aires, and Warsaw.

Man + Table
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Format: Paperback
Number of pages: 52
ISBN-13: 978-1564787637
Publication date: May 2016
Language: English
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