Man + Doctor

Nick Wadley

“Most of these images were drawn in the bed of a London hospital, either the Royal Free or the Princess Grace, between 2004 and 2010. The rest of the drawings are memories and afterthoughts from the same times.” The wordless story of encounters with doctors, starting from the patient’s attempts to avoid the scalpel, and then, once surgery becomes inevitable, of watching himself learn to cope with days and weeks spent in hospital beds. All the fears, boredom, and uncertainty of being in the hands of the medical establishment are here portrayed with both heartfelt self-parody and stark frankness: the patient is also the man, looking at himself from inside and out, laughing at himself, and even laughing at himself laughing at himself. “Nowhere outside the theatre of man + doctor do such concentrated dramas have so short a run, nor the views from each end of the opera glasses appear so different.”

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