A Man: Klaus Klump

Goncalo M. Tavares
Translated by Rhett McNeil

The final installment in Goncalo M. Tavares “Kingdom” cycle to be translated into English, A Man: Klaus Klump is a harrowing portrait of a man without values, making his way through a world almost as immoral.

Klaus takes care of the family business; he doesn’t feel fear, hunger, or love. He plays a game, and this game and its object consist of one thing: making money. No matter who you are, Klaus thinks, there is only one thing of importance: to win rather than lost.

 “With Klump, Tavares examines the sad turmoil of an increasingly militarized, mechanized society. In his descriptions of this society, Tavares blurs the lines between humans, the organic world, and the mechanical-military world for a reading experience that’s deeply disturbing (in all the right ways).”–Asymptote

“Goncalo M. Tavares burst onto the Portuguese literary scene armed with an utterly original imagination that broke through all the traditional imaginative boundaries…I’ve predicted that in thirty years’ time, if not before, he will win the Nobel Prize” – Jose Saramago, Nobel Prize-winning author

“This absurdist Portuguese novella is full of non-sequiturs, narrative curlicues, offbeat observations, as well as vivid characters (…) Tavares’s portrait of (Klump) comes together as a mosaic, like the fragments of a news report, not a proper character study. There are also insights and commentaries about destiny, language, peacetime and wartime that culminate in an ironic ending that will prompt readers to question the characters’ values and transformations” – Publisher’s Weekly

Klaus Klump
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Translated by Rhett McNeil
Format: Paperback
Number of pages: 120
ISBN-13: 978-1-62897-034-0
Publication date: May 2014
Language: eng
List price: $12.95