Journey to Karabakh

Aka Morchiladze
Translated by Elizabeth Heighway

A young man travels from Georgia to Karabakh, a contested region between Armenia and Azerbaijan, in order to buy cheap drugs. Taken prisoner first by the Azeris and then by the Armenians, he spends long enough away from home that he finds he isn’t really in such a hurry to escape. Is there anything waiting for him back home, so soon after the end of Georgia’s own war, where he’s weighed down by an alcoholic father and a pregnant girlfriend his family will never accept? What is freedom, and might it be enjoyed just as well in captivity as at large? One of the best-selling novels ever released in Georgia, and the basis for two feature films, this is a book about the tricky business of finding—and defining—liberty.

Journey to Karabakh is at its best in depicting Giorgi’s struggle against social mores: Tbilisi, with its gun-toting mkhedrioni (members of the National Guard), sleazy “businessmen,” jaded prostitutes, and insulated ne’er-do-wells, is brilliantly evoked in detail (…) Journey is a fascinating account of the interplay between freedom and captivity—material, political, cultural, and social—of a young man desperate for an authentic experience that is not mediated by social or cultural convention, nor cushioned by his father’s money.”–Tweed’s Magazine

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Translated by Elizabeth Heighway
Format: Paperback / softback
Number of pages: 222
ISBN-13: 978-1564789273
Language: eng
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