I’d Like

Greek Literature Series
Amanda Michalopoulou
Translated by Karen Emmerich

The thirteen short stories that make up Amanda Michalopoulou’s I’d Like read like versions of an unwritten novel: each riveting tale resonates with the others, and yet a sense of their connectedness remains tantalizingly out of grasp. Instead, we are presented with a kaleidoscope of characters and events, signs and emotions, linked by the uncanny repetition of certain details: blossoming almond trees, red berets, bleeding feet, accidents small and large. Michalopoulou’s characters are both patently fictitious and profoundly real, as they move through a world in which even the smallest of everyday occurrences can take on enormous significance. I’d Like offers a touching, utterly unique reading experience from one of Greece’s most innovative young storytellers.

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Translated by Karen Emmerich
Publication: Greek Literature Series
Format: Paperback / softback
Number of pages: 144
ISBN-13: 9781564784933
GTIN13: 9781564784933
Publication date: 4/10/2008
Language: eng
List price: $12.50