Gilbert Sorrentino: A Descriptive Bibliography

William McPheron

The trajectory of Gilbert Sorrentino’s literary life can be tracked in this bibliography, from his first short story in a 1956 issue of his college literary magazine, through his involvement with the New York publishing scene in the 1960s and 1970s, and finally into the 1980s and early 1990, when his work, as at the beginning, once again is being published by small presses.

The bibliography treats writings both by and about Sorrentino, uniting in one volume exhaustive descriptive analyses of primary works with annotated treatment of secondary sources. It thereby serves the needs not only of scholars and collectors interested in the physical production of Sorrentino’s books but also of literary critics concerned with matters of reception and interpretation.

Section A records Sorrentino’s separate publications in chronological order. First editions (as well as significant subsequent issues) are fully described and illustrated by photographs, with separate paragraphs for collation, contents, paper, binding, dust jacket, publication data, and background notes.

Section B records contributions to books, and section C those to periodicals, with all variants and revisions in book form duly noted. Section D offers lists of Sorrentino’s book jacket copy (written mostly for Grove Press titles) and book blurbs, while section E lists and annotates interviews and recordings. Section F lists all known book reviews, and section G all critical commentary. An inclusive index concludes this invaluable volume.

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