Generation of Vipers

Philip Wylie

Perhaps the most vitriolic attack ever launched on the American way of living—from politicians to professors to businessmen to Mom to sexual mores to religion—Generation of Vipers ranks with the works of De Tocqueville and Emerson in defining the American character and malaise.

Wylie’s classic, written with devastating wit and a pen as sharp as a barber’s razor, wages war on all forms of American hypocrisy. Remarkably, or perhaps not so, what Philip Wylie has to say rings as true today as when he first wrote Vipers in 1942, and no doubt it will continue to offend and outrage both the Left and Right.

Harsh, bitter, and filled with venom toward those who have corrupted the America that “could have been,” Generation of Vipers will be read with pleasure and indignation a century from now.

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Publication date: 9/1/1996
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