A book for $5

Here is your chance to own a personal Dalkey Archive library and pay as little as $4 per book from our European inventory.

1. Check
our limited European inventory. Select 250 books that you want plus 10 titles as a backup.

2. Let us know
Send an email to orders@dalkeyarchive.com listing your 250+10 books, name and address.
The stock is limited but we’ll try our best to make you happy.

3. Pay $1250 ($5 per book)
Add this product to cart. Proceed to checkout.
Once we received your note and the payment we will process your order and send you the books. Shipping is free in Ireland, UK, and the rest of Europe.

500books A book for $4? Go to this page for our 500 books for $2000 deal!

PLEASE NOTE: This offer is valid while quantities last.
ALSO NOTE: This offer cannot be combined with 10 books for $70 or 20 books for $130 sale.

Price: $1250.00
List price: $1250.00