Demolishing Nisard

Eric Chevillard
Translated by Jordan Stump

It may not be immediately clear why anyone should bother to demolish Nisard. Who on earth, after all, is Désiré Nisard? A nineteenth-century literary critic, pedagogue, and member of the Académie Française, an ardent champion of the glories of seventeenth-century France, an implacable foe of the literature of his own age, a long-forgotten footnote in literary history. An unprepossessing specimen, to be sure, but what harm can he possibly do us now? You’d be surprised. Those dull books you keep reading? Blame Nisard. Trouble with your significant other? Nisard again. A painful pebble in your shoe? Nisard. No, Désiré Nisard must be destroyed; the only question is how. But take comfort: with effervescent imagination and blistering wit, Eric Chevillard, one of contemporary France’s most dazzlingly singular novelists, has come forward to give us a few ideas.

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Translated by Jordan Stump
Format: Paperback / softback
Number of pages: 160
ISBN-13: 9781564786333
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Publication date: 8/1/2011
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