Chapel Road

Netherlandic Literature Series
Louis Paul Boon
Translated by Adrienne Dixon

According to the author, Chapel Road “is the book about the childhood of Ondine [. . .] about her brother Valeer-Traleer with his monstrous head wobbling through life this way and that.” But the book is about a lot more than that. It is also the story of Louis Paul Boon, an author working on a novel entitled Chapel Road, surrounded by his colorful group of friends. His readers and companions include the painter Tippetotje, who habitually works a naked woman into her paintings, and Johan Janssens, the journalist and poet who is fired from the paper for refusing to agree with the Capitalists, the Socialists or the Ultra-Marxists.

Beyond that, Chapel Road includes a retelling of the myth of Reynard the fox and Isengrinus the wolf, a tale that underscores the greed, stupidity, hypocrisy, pride and lust motivating the other characters of the book.

Chapel Road is “a pool, a sea, a chaos: it is the book of all that can be heard and seen in Chapel Road, from the year 1800-and-something until today.”

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Translated by Adrienne Dixon
Publication: Netherlandic Literature Series
Format: Paperback / softback
Number of pages: 338
ISBN-13: 9781564782854
GTIN13: 9781564782854
Publication date: 2/1/2003
Language: eng
List price: $14.95