Best European Fiction 2012

Best European Fiction Series
Edited by Aleksandar Hemon
Preface by Nicole Krauss

Now in its third year, the Best European Fiction series has become a mainstay in the literary landscape, each year featuring new voices from throughout Europe alongside more established names such as Hilary Mantel, Jean-Philippe Toussaint, Ingo Schulze, George Konrad, Victor Pelevin, and Enrique Vila-Matas.

For 2012, Aleksandar Hemon introduces a whole new cross-section of European fiction, and there are a few editorial changes as well. For the first time, the preface will be by an American—Nicole Krauss—and the stories, one per country/language, will be arranged within themes (love, art, war, the body), to facilitate book club and reading group discussions.

[belgium: dutch], PATRICIA DE MARTELAERE, My Hand Is Exhausted

[croatia] MAJA HRGOVIĆ, Zlatka

[spain: galician], AGUSTIN FERNANDEZ PAZ, This Strange Lucidity

[poland], JANUSZ RUDNICKI, The Sorrows of Idiot Augustus

[ireland: irish], GABRIEL ROSENSTOCK, “. . . everything emptying into white”

[hungary], ZSOFIA BAN, When There Were Only Animals

[switzerland: rhaeto-romanic · german], ARNO CAMENISCH, Sez Ner

[portugal], RUI ZINK, Tourist Destination

[georgia], DAVID DEPHY, Before the End

[ireland: english] DESMOND HOGAN, Kennedy

[russia], DANILA DAVYDOV, The Telescope

[czech republic], JIRI KRATOCHVIL, I, Loshad’

[estonia], ARMIN KOOMAGI, Logisticians Anonymous

[slovakia], ROBERT GAL, Agnomia

[france], MARIE DARRIEUSSECQ, Juergen the Perfect Son-in-Law

[norway], BJARTE BREITEIG, Down There They Don’t Mourn

[bosnia and herzegovina], MUHAREM BAZDULJ, Magic and Sarajevo

[iceland], GERðUR KRISTNý, The Ice People

[switzerland: french], NOELLE REVAZ, The Children

[united kingdom: scotland], DONAL MCLAUGHLIN, enough to make your heart

[netherlands], SANNEKE VAN HASSEL, Pearl

[finland], MARITTA LINTUNEN, Passiontide

[united kingdom: wales], DUNCAN BUSH, Bigamy

[slovenia], BRANKO GRADISNIK, Memorinth

[serbia], MARIJA KNEžEVIć, Without Fear of Change

[liechtenstein], PATRICK BOLTSHAUSER, Tomorrow It’s Deggendorf

[spain: catalan], PEP PUIG, Clara Bou

[united kingdom: england], LEE ROURKE, Catastrophe

[montenegro], ANDREJ NIKOLAIDIS, The Coming

[switzerland: german], MICHAEL STAUFFER, The Woman with the Stocks

[spain: castilian], SANTIAGO PAJARES, Today

[ukraine], SERHIY ZHADAN, The Owners

[germany], CLEMENS MEYER, The Case of M.

[belgium: french], BERNARD QUIRINY, Rara Avis

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Edited by Aleksandar Hemon
Preface by Nicole Krauss
Publication: Best European Fiction Series
Format: Paperback / softback
Number of pages: 544
ISBN-13: 9781564786807
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