Latin American Literature Series
Osman Lins
Introduction by Gregory Rabassa

A work remarkable for both its form and execution, Avalovara belongs to the tradition of contemporary writing that Gregory Rabassa calls “the inventive novel.” These novels include such works as Julio Cortzar’s Hopscotch and Italo Calvino’s Mr. Palomar, and are “narratives where the author produces the raw materials and hands them over for the reader to give them shape or structure and sometimes meaning.”

The protagonist’s courtship of three women constitutes the main plot of Avalovara. He pursues the sophisticated and inaccessible Roos across Europe; falls in love with Ceclia, a carnal, compassionate hermaphrodite; and achieves a tender, erotic alliance with a woman known only by an ideogram. Reinforcing the inventive nature of Lins’s masterpiece, the action develops within a rigorous, puzzlelike design—visually represented by a spiral and a five-word palindrome.

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Introduction by Gregory Rabassa
Publication: Latin American Literature Series
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