Addendum to a Photo Album

Vladislav Otroshenko
Translated by Lisa Hayden

Addendum to a Photo Album is the saga of the births, deaths, and disappearances within the eccentric  Mandrykin family. Following patriarch Malach, a Cossack captain, his wife Annushka, and his many sons, all born with sideburns, it details their fraught relationships, particularly when sitting for the family photographs included in the album of the title. Vladislav Otroshenko’s flowing sentences and rich metaphorical language describe characters whose concerns embrace the heroic, the metaphysical, and the mundane, as they fulfill their duties as Cossack warriors and family members. Otroshenko draws on his upbringing in Novocherkassk, a city on the Don River, creating a world and a book inhabited with absurdity, filial love, and unusual facial hair.

Part 1 of the book read by the translator, Lisa Hayden:


Vladislav Otroshenko (born 1959) is a Russian novelist, essayist, and a scriptwriter. Born in Novocherkassk, the old capital for the Don Cossacks Army Region, Otroshenko graduated from the Faculty of Journalistic of Moscow State University, and is a member of Word Association of Writers PEN-Club.

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Translated by Lisa Hayden
Format: paperback
Number of pages: 112
ISBN-13: 978-1-56478-125-3
Publication date: March 2015
Language: English
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