A Hunt for Optimism

Russian Literature Series
Viktor Shklovsky
Translated by Shushan Avagyan

Begun in 1929 under the title “New Prose,” and drastically revised after Vladimir Mayakovsky’s sudden death, A Hunt for Optimism (1931) circles obsessively around a single scene of interrogation in which a writer is subjected to a show trial for his unorthodoxy. Using multiple perspectives, fragments, and aphorisms, and bearing the vulnerability of both the Russian Jewry and the anti-Bolshevik intelligentsia—who had unwittingly become the “enemies of the people”—Hunt satirizes Soviet censorship and the ineptitude of Soviet leaders with acerbic panache. Despite criticism at the time that it lacked unity and was too “variegated” to be called a purely “Shklovskian book,” Hunt is stylistically unpredictable, experimentally bold, and unapologetically ironic—making it one of the finest books in Shklovsky’s body of work.

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Translated by Shushan Avagyan
Publication: Russian Literature Series
Format: Paperback / softback
Number of pages: 175
ISBN-13: 9781564787903
GTIN13: 9781564787903
Language: eng
List price: $16.00