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  • Sale! sot-weed

    The Sot-Weed Factor
    ( paperback )

    $26.00 $20.80

    “This is Barth’s most distinguished masterpiece. This modern classic is a hilarious tribute to all the most insidious human vices, with a hero who is “one of the most diverting…to roam the world since Candide.”

  • Sale! job-boj

    ( paperback )

    $17.00 $13.60

    Written in alternating voices, Jorge Guzman’s Job-Boj is a captivating novel that explores the progression from melancholy to happiness, or vice versa. The delicate interplay between a light-hearted narrator and a brooding, introspective one draws the reader in to question identity. Are they the same man? Two different periods from the same life? Or are they two separate people? The reader is left to judge.

  • Sale! fragments-of-lichtenberg

    Fragments of Lichtenberg
    ( paperback )

    $18.95 $15.16

    The eighteenth-century German physicist Georg Christoph Lichtenberg left behind at the time of his death thousands of fragmentary notes commenting on a dazzling and at the same time puzzling array of subjects. Pierre Senges’s Fragments of Lichtenberg imaginatively and hilariously reconstructs the efforts of scholars across three centuries to piece together Lichtenberg’s disparate notes into a coherent philosophical or artistic statement.

  • Sale! grattan-and-me

    Grattan and Me
    ( paperback )

    $19.00 $15.20

    Grattan Fletcher and Suck Ryle are on the road, risking their dignity and occasionally their lives to renew the civic spirit of Ireland. Grattan is an idealistic, ageing civil servant who has enlisted Ryle, a skeptic prone to violent temper, in a quixotic quest to make a better Irish future for Grattan’s granddaughter…


  • Sale! gestures

    ( paperback )

    $15.00 $12.00

    A forty-year-old man, burying himself in work and avoiding close emotional bonds with people, pays a visit to his mother in the country and is forced to extend it upon discovering her illness. While there, he reevaluates past familial and romantic relationships and finally attempts to build new ones. Gestures is “a psychologically precise and moving autopsy of a ‘man in the wake of ordeals.'”

  • Sale! double-room

    Double Room
    ( paperback )

    $18.00 $14.40

    Four pairs of stories―four “double rooms”―sit side by side in the latest work of fiction by one of Spain’s most compelling writers. Ranging from Madrid to Milwaukee, and from prose fiction to drama to essay, the chapters of this “narrative installation” echo one another, revealing a carefully layered composition of humor and foreboding…

  • Sale! bodies-of-summer

    Bodies of Summer
    ( paperback )

    $14.00 $11.20

    The existence of an afterlife is now a fact: heaven is the internet. Death is only an interruption as souls can be uploaded to the web and new bodies can be purchased by those wishing to reenter the physical world. The need to settle an old score pushes Ramiro Olivaires to move from the comfort of virtual existence back into a human body. Ramiro’s grandson, however, can only afford the body of an overweight middle-aged woman. In the shell of this new body, Ramiro must adjust to the dizzying transformations that the world has undergone since his death…

  • Sale! 9781628971583_fc

    Nietzsche on His Balcony
    ( Paperback )

    $16.00 $12.80

    On a hot, insomniac night at the Hotel Metropol, the novelist Carlos Fuentes steps onto his balcony only to find another man on the balcony next door. The other man asks for news of the social strife turning into revolution in the unnamed city below them. He reveals himself as the 19th-century philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, permitted to revisit earth once a year for 24 hours based on his theory of eternal return…

  • Sale! library of musical instruments cover

    The Library of Musical Instruments
    ( Paperback )

    $16.00 $12.80

    The second short-story collection by Kim Jung-hyuk, the author of Penguin News, features a total of eight short stories, including “Syncopation D” which won the 2nd Kim You-jeong Literary Award in 2008. They represent the many sounds sampled by the author when he recorded over 600 kinds of musical instruments. Like instruments coming together in a symphony, the stories combine to make an opus consisting of variations on a theme…

  • Sale! turbid river cover

    Turbid Rivers
    ( Paperback )

    $21.00 $16.80

    Turbid River was written just before Ch’ae Man-Sik was arrested in 1938 by the Japanese colonial government. Like the two novels that followed (Peace Under Heavenand Frozen Fish), Turbid River is a realistic portrayal of life in Korea under Japanese colonization. The tragic story of a woman’s life, the novel is also a penetrating look into the objectification of women.