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    The Inner Immigrant
    ( Paperback )

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    These essayistic short stories, penned over a thirty-year period, follow Fabian, Mihkel Mutt’s strange and self-indulgent alter ego, and his adventures in newly independent Estonia. Mutt’s stories highlight the lingering absurdities of the previous Soviet regime, at the same time taking ironic aim at the triumphs and defeats, the virtues and vices of the Estonian intelligentsia.

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    The Reconstruction
    ( paperback )

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    For five years, Enn Padrik has postponed the investigation into the apparently religiously inspired suicide of his daughter and her friends at a commune near Viljandi, but now he cannot do it any longer. He has to travel all over Estonia and even to France to talk to those who might remember anything relevant. Some of these people seem to have been waiting for him, others refuse to talk. And little by little, a bigger and quite unexpected picture starts to emerge…

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    The Sweepstakes of Love
    ( Paperback )

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    In this collection which contains both autobiography and fiction, the prominent Estonian artist and writer Toomas Vint, whose career spans the Soviet period and Estonia’s re-gaining of independence, demonstrates his characteristic mischievous, dark sense of humour, an artist’s eye for vi- sual detail, and an experimental approach to form. His main themes are the fine dividing line between fantasy and reality, man’s foibles, frailties and capacity for self-deception, and the absurd and sometimes tragicom- ic nature of the human condition.

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    The Cavemen Chronicle
    ( Paperback )

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    The bunker-like café in Tallinn known as “The Cave” is the epicenter of bohemian culture in Soviet-era Estonia. The café’s regulars, the “Cavemen,” escape the dreary reality above ground with vodka and high-minded discussion in their private hideaway. Told from the perspective of a gossip columnist, the novel traces the lives of several of these misfits as they attempt to pursue careers as artists, writers, and politicians in pre- and post-perestroika Estonia. The country’s march towards independence and democracy sets off a series of individual dramas that offer the reader a refreshing alternative to the grand narratives of world history. Written with great verve and humor, Mihkel Mutt’s novel provides an illuminating look at life on the fringes of occupied Estonian society.

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    ( Paperback )

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    The protagonist of Radio is an Estonian filmmaker heading home after a decade living in Paris. He is an oversensitive and narcissistic man, openly gay, though suffering from a somewhat shaky sense of self esteem stuck in an ongoing identity crisis: is he an Estonian or a Parisian at heart? Is he an urban dandy or rural hack?