Coleman Dowell Literature Series

The Coleman Dowell Series is made possible through a generous contribution by an annonymous donor. This endowed contribution allows Dalkey Archive Press to publish one book a year in this series.

Born in Kentucky in 1925, Coleman Dowell moved to New York in 1950 to work in theatre and television as a playwright and composer/lyricist, but by age forty turned to writing fiction. His works include One of the Children is Crying (1968), Mrs. October Was Here (1974), Island People (1976), Too Much Flesh and Jabez (1977), and White on Black on White (1983). After his death in 1985, The Houses of Children: Collected Stories was published in 1987, and his memoir about his theatrical years, A Star-Bright Lie, was published in 1993.

Since his death, a number of his books have been reissued in the United States, as well as translated for publication in other countries.

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