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    Life of a Bishop’s Assistant
    ( paperback )

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    Life of a Bishop’s Assistant is a “rewritten” biography of the eighteenth-century historical figure Gavriil Dobrinin. The son of a priest, he became a bishop’s assistant before being fortunate enough to rise all the way to the position of gubernia procurator. Shklovsky illuminates Dobrinin’s obscure story, narrating it with an innovative ingenuity that takes centre stage.

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    The Round Dance of Water
    ( Paperback )

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    The Rounddance of Water is an intricate portrait of three generations of a large family, but in this story there is no division into primary and secondary characters: each individual fate bears significant weight and runs into the bloody river of the twentieth century…

  • Sale! Eleven Prague Corpses

    Eleven Prague Corpses

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    Prague is a place where murders happen, and it takes an English-speaking Russian expat with a strong antipathy for the city and its inhabitants to solve the mystery . . . or maybe not. As the plots thicken, the two narrators of Kirill Kobrin’s ten short stories gradually merge into a single hazy, undefined personality, characterized by a passion for logical reasoning, which leads to the identification of the culprit; except that the laboriously constructed murder narrative may stand or fall on a typo, and the mentally satisfying conclusion may or may not have much to do with reality . . .