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  • Sale! The Great Latin American Novel

    The Great Latin American Novel
    ( paperback )

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    Combining historical perspective with personal and often opinionated interpretation, Fuentes gives us a tour from Machado de Assis to Borges and beyond. A landmark analysis, as well as a scintillating and often wry commentary on a great author’s peers and influences …

  • Sale! An Angel

    An Angel Walks Through the Stage and Other Essays
    ( paperback )

    $14.00 $11.20

    Called “the new Ibsen,” and heralded throughout Europe, JON FOSSE is one of contemporary Norwegian literature’s most important writers. Born in 1959, he has published some thirty books of fiction, poetry, drama, and nonfiction since 1983.

  • Sale! Field_Nonsense_front

    The Field of Nonsense
    ( Paperback )

    $16.00 $12.80

    … a masterpiece of American literary criticism. This magnificent and witty study by an unrecognized innovator seeks to define and explore the nature of “nonsense” in literature. Relying mainly on readings of Lewis Carroll and Edward Lear, Elizabeth Sewell not only sets out plausible boundaries for what or does not constitutes gibberish, but elucidates just how much of what is considered “sensible” writing must rely on nonsense for its power.

  • Sale! diglossia_final

    Diglossia and the Linguistic Turn
    ( pb )

    $39.95 $31.96

    With Flann O’Brien widely acknowledged as a subversive genius of early postmodernism, Flore Coulouma places the “question of language” at the center of his literary identity. Connecting O’Brien’s philosophy of language to the convoluted structure of his writing, Coulouma demonstrates how bilingualism and an ambiguous relation to language inspired O’Brien’s satirical fiction, while developing narrative oppositions such as orality and literacy, truth and fiction authority and legitimacy, and native and national language(s).

  • Sale! tellingIt_final

    Telling It Again and Again
    ( pb )

    $39.95 $31.96

    How do writers and filmmakers use repetition? While repetition is useful when accenting an idea, in this original and thought-provoking book, Bruce F. Kawin argues it serves a more important function as a manipulator of our sense of time and the timeless. Brilliantly juxtaposing the aesthetics of novelty against those of repetition, Kawin shows how the connections and rhythm of repetition offer revelations about literature and film, nature and memory, and time and art.

  • Sale! Louis Bury / Excersises in Critisism cover

    Exercises in Criticism
    ( pb )

    $35.00 $28.00

    Exercises in Criticism is an experiment in applied poetics in which critic and poet Louis Bury utilizes constraint-based methods in order to write about constraint-based literature.

  • Sale! cover of Life Sentences by William H. Gass

    Life Sentences
    ( pb )

    $17.95 $14.36

    A dazzling collection of essays—on reading, writing, form, and thought—from one of America’s master writers.

  • Sale! Reading_Rilke

    Reading Rilke
    ( pb )

    $15.95 $12.75

    William H. Gass examines the ideas that informed Rainer Maria Rilke’s Elegies and discusses previous translations of the work while writing about Rilke the man: his character, his relationships, and his life.

  • Sale! 978_1_56478_996_9lotman

    ( paperback )

    $12.95 $10.35

    One afternoon in December 1992, Yuri Lotman sat down to dictate to his assistant. These sessions were spread out over that winter and into the spring of 1993—the final spring of Lotman’s life. The result is this book of memories and recollections.

  • Sale! youth_978_1_62897_050_0

    Youth: Autobiographical Writings
    ( paperback )

    $14.95 $11.96

    The short, intense autofiction Youth, translated here for the first time—is a portrait of the little north German town of Greifswald before World War I. It is a miracle of compression, a kind of personal apocalypse. Also included is one of Koeppen’s last works: a short, fragmentary text depicting Wolfgang Koeppen’s return to the town of his schooldays.