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  • Sale! I saw her that night

    I Saw Her That Night
    ( paperback )

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    I Saw Her That Night, a love story in time of war, is a novel about a few years in the life and mysterious disappearance of Veronika Zarnik, a young bourgeois woman from Ljubljana, sucked into the whirlwind of a turbulent period in history.

  • Sale! The Floating Opera

    The Floating Opera
    ( paperback )

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    Written when John Barth was 24 years old, The Floating Opera is his first novel, published in 1957. It is a first-person reminiscence of the day Todd Andrews decided to commit suicide.

  • Sale! Louis Bury / Excersises in Critisism cover

    Exercises in Criticism
    ( pb )

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    Exercises in Criticism is an experiment in applied poetics in which critic and poet Louis Bury utilizes constraint-based methods in order to write about constraint-based literature.

  • Sale! 978-1-56478-143-7_theSea

    The Sea
    ( paperback )

    $13.95 $11.16

    “The Sea is sordid and illuminating, beautiful, haunting, poetic, and full of love for its characters.”
    — Agustí Villaronga

  • Sale! mirror_gazing

    Mirror Gazing
    ( Paperback )

    $35.00 $27.96

    Mirror Gazing is a book about reading and looking, about what people seek when they read, and about what stares back at them from the printed page. It is an archival project, based on a wealth of material collected daily by celebrated critic Warren F. Motte over thirty-five years and squirreled away for some eventual winter. It is also a love letter, a confession, a tale of deep obsession, and a cry for help addressed to anyone who takes literature seriously.

  • Sale! 978-1-62897-038-8_gassTime

    Tests of Time
    ( Paperback )

    $16.95 $13.60

    In Tests of Time, William H. Gass shares his thoughts about writing, reading, culture, history, politics, and public opinion, providing essays on classic writers and contemporaries, literary “lists” and their use, the extent and cost of political influences on writers, and the First Amendment. The University of Chicago Press originally published this title; this is the first edition from Dalkey Archive Press.

  • Sale! 978-1-62897-039-5_gassWord

    The World Within the Word
    ( Paperback )

    $16.95 $13.60

    The World Within the Word is a landmark collection discussing Valéry, Henry Miller, Sartre, Freud, Faulkner, suicide, “art and order,” and the transformation of language into poetry and fiction. Revelatory and gorgeous, at turns humorous and devastating, the collection was first published by Knopf in 1978 and stands among Gass’s best and most provocative books.

  • Sale! sentimental Novel

    A Sentimental Novel
    ( Paperback )

    $13.95 $11.20

    The book shares the story of Gigi, also known as Djinn, who is being schooled by her father to be a perfect slave and mistress. Running the gamut of unacceptable subject matter from incest to torture, this book abounds with vignettes exploring taboos and their representation in fiction, from the Brothers Grimm to the Marquis de Sade. It is titillating and disgusting, the work of a dirty old man, or brilliant agent provocateur–or both.

  • Sale! More Than You Know

    More Than You Know
    ( Paperback )

    $15.95 $12.40

    Alice Clark has been trying to avoid an acute state of “not-knowing” about what's happened and what's happening. Whatever happened has much to do with why three of her friends died early and badly and she did not. Alice is a mess, and her story is a mess, too: digressive, disheveled, and wild.

  • Sale! 9781564789020_FC

    ( Paperback / softback )

    $13.50 $10.80

    Closing the gap between the contemporary Russian novel and the masterpieces of the early Soviet avant-garde, this masterful mixture of prose and poetry, excerpts from private letters and diaries, and quotes from newspapers and NKVD documents, is a unique amalgam of documentary, philosophical novel, and black humor.