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    Life of a Bishop’s Assistant
    ( paperback )

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    Life of a Bishop’s Assistant is a “rewritten” biography of the eighteenth-century historical figure Gavriil Dobrinin. The son of a priest, he became a bishop’s assistant before being fortunate enough to rise all the way to the position of gubernia procurator. Shklovsky illuminates Dobrinin’s obscure story, narrating it with an innovative ingenuity that takes centre stage.

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    An Egyptian Novel
    ( paperback )

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    The protagonist has Egyptian roots going back many generations: on her father’s side, to the expulsion of the Jews of Spain in 1492, when seven brothers of the Kastil family (from Castilla) landed on the Gaza coast after many trials and tribulations. Her mother’s side goes back even further, to the only family that Jewish history has ignored: the ones who said “No” to Moses and stayed in Egypt.

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    In Search of the Grail
    ( Paperback )

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    In Search of the Grail continues Svetislav Basara’s “Cyclist Conspiracy,” a fantastical exploration of civilizational decline told through an array of strange and esoteric documents. Readers are introduced to a secret history of the twentieth century, shown that behind the well-known wars and political revolutions of the period numerous secret organizations vied for supremacy through the control of books, knowledge, and dreams.

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    The Sovereign
    ( paperback )

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    The Sovereign marks the centennial anniversary of the Jones Act as both paean and polemic for the history of the island nation. A hybrid chronicle stretching itself in every temporal direction, the charming magical realism of the Latin Boom (that forgot about Puerto Rico) is here warped by the uncanny spectacle of an emancipated colonial imaginary. The Sovereign is an extended meditation on what it means to be ecstatically free―and the blood price a people must pay for that freedom.

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    21 Days of a Neurasthenic
    ( pb )

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    Octave Mirbeau, author of The Torture Garden and Diary of a Chambermaid, wrote this scathing novel on the cusp of the twentieth century. Driven mad by modern life, Georges Vasseur leaves for a rest cure, where he encounters corrupt politicians, amnesiac coquettes, cheerfully sadistic killers, imperialist generals, and quack psychiatrists. Hypocrites are eternal, and not much has changed since Mirbeau wrote this acid portrait of his era.

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    Scenes from the Enlightenment: A Novel of Manners
    ( paperback )


    On the surface an elegantly turned and acutely observed so­cial comedy, Scenes delves into the conflict between tradition and progress, and reveals how it affected the lives of those who lived through this time of change.

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    The Square
    ( paperback )


    A dark and complex story of the way ideology can destroy the individual, Choi In-hun’s investigation of his country’s partition into two diametrically opposed polities implies both communism and capitalism are pernicious and externally acquired infections.

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    Youth: Autobiographical Writings
    ( paperback )

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    The short, intense autofiction Youth, translated here for the first time—is a portrait of the little north German town of Greifswald before World War I. It is a miracle of compression, a kind of personal apocalypse. Also included is one of Koeppen’s last works: a short, fragmentary text depicting Wolfgang Koeppen’s return to the town of his schooldays.

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    ( Paperback )

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    A phantasmagorical mixture of religious mysticism and eroticism, bound up with the mythic origins of civilization, and taking in everything from shamanic art to Bach’s Art of the Fugue.

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    ( Paperback / softback )

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    Closing the gap between the contemporary Russian novel and the masterpieces of the early Soviet avant-garde, this masterful mixture of prose and poetry, excerpts from private letters and diaries, and quotes from newspapers and NKVD documents, is a unique amalgam of documentary, philosophical novel, and black humor.