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    City of Ulysses
    ( Paperback )

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    The Amusing Life
    ( paperback )

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    The Amusing Life is a collection of over forty stories, sketches, vignettes and fables that search out the comical, even the absurd, aspects of everyday life. Along the way, the conventions and mores of work, art, nation, love and family are examined and made newly strange. Two rival countries race to raise the tallest flag. A poet receives a grant letter that’s made to self-destruct. A world confederation of liars welcomes new members. Always instructive but never didactic, Song’s stories are characterized by a lightness of touch that allows laughter to accompany even the darkest truths in this collection.


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    A Voyage to India
    ( paperback )

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    A Voyage to India is the story of Bloom, our hero, as he makes his way from Lisbon to India in a decidedly non-heroic age. Gone are the galleons, gone is god; so too the swords of the swashbuckler and sacerdotal certainty. In such an era, where is wisdom to be found? Bloom―ever deliberate, ever longwinded―takes his time getting to India, stopping first in London, then Paris and elsewhere in Europe, making friends, encountering enemies, recounting his life story, revealing the reasons for his flight from Lisbon and his vague hopes for and nagging fears about what he might find in India. Or within himself.

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    From the Unreached Let Perception Radiate
    ( paperback )

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    Domingo Notaro’s poems struggle to fix an innocent gaze on a contemporary world that appears more and more fraught with inhumanity and cruelty. They explore themes of exile, fertility, the human body’s connection to the wider cosmos, and the corrupting influence of power. Often literally scattered across the page, the poems compel the reader to become an active participant in a quest for sense and meaning.

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    Nietzsche on His Balcony
    ( Paperback )

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    On a hot, insomniac night at the Hotel Metropol, the novelist Carlos Fuentes steps onto his balcony only to find another man on the balcony next door. The other man asks for news of the social strife turning into revolution in the unnamed city below them. He reveals himself as the 19th-century philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche, permitted to revisit earth once a year for 24 hours based on his theory of eternal return…

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    Five Fingers
    ( paperback )

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    Five-year-old Laura was born in one of Joseph Stalin’s prison camps in Siberia. When the book opens, she and her parents are on their long journey back to Latvia, a country Laura knows only from the exuberant descriptions that whirled about the Gulag. Upon her arrival, however, she must come to terms with the conflicting images of the life she sees around her and the fairytale Latvia she grew up hearing about and imagining…

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    ( paperback )

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    Staggering in scope, November is a virtuoso performance—a contemporary take on the classical modernist novel, anatomizing the ways we live, think, and labor: what we’ve lost, and what we’re losing.

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    Our Dead World
    ( paperback )

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    A young woman suffers a mental breakdown because of her repressive and religious mother. A group of children is fascinated by the sudden death of a friend. A drug trafficking couple visits Paris at the same time as a psychopathic cannibal. A mysterious wave travels through a university campus, driving students to suicide. A photographer witnesses a family’s surface composure shatter…

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    Warning to the Crocodiles
    ( paperback )

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    Set in the aftermath of the “Carnation Revolution” of April 25, 1974, Antonio Lobo Antunes’s Warning to the Crocodiles is a fragmented narrative of the violent tensions resulting from major political changes in Portugal. Told through the memories of four women who spend their days fashioning homemade explosives and participating in the kidnap and torture of communists, the novel details…

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    Angel Station
    ( paperback )

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    Angel Station takes its title from the bustling Metro stop in the Prague district of Smíchov. Topol’s novel, in sparse yet poetic language―agilely brought into English by the author’s longtime translator Alex Zucker―weaves together the brutal and disturbing fates of an addict, a shopkeeper, and a religious fanatic as they each follow the path they hope will lead them to serenity: drugs, money, and faith.