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    Graal Flibuste
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    This early work by the landmark Swiss author Robert Pinget is unlike any other he produced over his long career; indeed, there are few books by any writer with which it bears comparison—aside perhaps from the novels of Raymond Roussel or Denis Diderot.

  • Sale! cover of Orphans by Hadrien Laroche

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    Never one to avoid challenging questions, in this poignant triptych Laroche examines the relationship between a writer and his words: suggesting that, perhaps, he is the orphan of his own work.

  • 978-1-62897-075-3_chevillard

    The Author and Me
    ( paperback )


    “Chevillard’s surprising, skillful prose and bizarre humor focus on life’s stranger possibilities, allowing readers to see things from a distinctly different perspective.” — Publishers Weekly

  • Sale! Writers, Antoine Volodine

    ( Paperback )

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    Here we have the anatomy of the contemporary writer, imagined by the pseudonymous, “post-exotic” Antoine Volodine. His writers are not the familiar, bitter, alcoholic kind; nor are they great, romantic, tortured geniuses; and least of all are they media darlings and socialites. In Volodine’s universe, the writer is pitted in a pathetic struggle against silence and sickness, when she is not about to be murdered by random lunatics or fellow inmates. Consisting of seven loosely interlocking stories, Writers exposes a chaotic reality in which self expression elicits repercussions both absurd and frighteningly familiar.

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    “A book describes works conceived of but not realized by its author.” Like Suicide and AutoportraitWorks is another of Eduoard Levé’s bewitching reconceptions of what the novel can (or should) do.

    A list of 533 projects, beginning with its own description–both likely and unlikely, sober and ridiculous; some of which Levé later realized, most of which he did not. Works ranks with the fiction of Georges Perec for its seemingly limitless, ingenious, and comical inventiveness.

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    A Sentimental Novel
    ( Paperback )

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    The book shares the story of Gigi, also known as Djinn, who is being schooled by her father to be a perfect slave and mistress. Running the gamut of unacceptable subject matter from incest to torture, this book abounds with vignettes exploring taboos and their representation in fiction, from the Brothers Grimm to the Marquis de Sade. It is titillating and disgusting, the work of a dirty old man, or brilliant agent provocateur–or both.

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    Barbara Wright: Translation as Art
    ( Paperback / softback )

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    This wonderful collection of texts by and about Barbara Wright—“the most brilliant, conscientious and original translator of 20th century French literature”—begins the work of properly commemorating a figure toward whom all of English letters owes an unpayable debt.

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    Origin Unknown
    ( Paperback / softback )

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    Oliver Rohe’s first novel is a word-crazed monologue in the mind of a man named Selber flying back to his war-torn native country for the first time in years.

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    Setting out to tell the story of a mysterious cowboy—a stranger in town with a terrible secret—Christine Montalbetti is continually sidetracked by the details that occur to her along the way, her CinemaScope camera focusing not on the gunslinger’s…

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    Vol. IX, #1 New French Fiction
    ( Paperback / softback )

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