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    Selected Stories
    ( Paperback )

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    New short stories from one of Ireland’s leading writers whose stories are widely acclaimed for their acute perception of Irish women’s lives…

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    Other Irish Tradition
    ( Paperback )

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    From Laurence Sterne to Flann O’Brien and beyond, this anthology presents both highly familiar and relatively obscure writers from across the history of Irish fiction, offering a fresh perspective on and a provocative reshuffling of the literary canon…

  • Sale! FINAL Slipping FC

    ( paperback )

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    When Albert Jackson, a middle-aged school teacher, catches a glimpse of the infinite universe and his own tiny insignificance he cannot shake himself free of regret for a life all but squandered. In a blind and demented attempt to salvage something from his life, he sets off, half-lucidly, on a libertine mission to reclaim life, to live it exclusively on his terms. But the wild and sinister crime he plots, so characterised by delusion, sets him on a path to irreversible destruction.

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    Grattan and Me
    ( paperback )

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    Grattan Fletcher and Suck Ryle are on the road, risking their dignity and occasionally their lives to renew the civic spirit of Ireland. Grattan is an idealistic, ageing civil servant who has enlisted Ryle, a skeptic prone to violent temper, in a quixotic quest to make a better Irish future for Grattan’s granddaughter…


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    ( paperback )

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    Staggering in scope, November is a virtuoso performance—a contemporary take on the classical modernist novel, anatomizing the ways we live, think, and labor: what we’ve lost, and what we’re losing.

  • Sale! Dogs of Inishere FC

    The Dogs of Inishere
    ( paperback )

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    The Dogs of Inishere collects stories from across Alannah Hopkin’s thirty-year career as a fiction and travel writer. The stories presented here move from adolescence to middle age, sensitive always to the particular social, emotional, and intellectual challenges of the different phases of a life. An adolescent girl bristles against the gendered assumptions and expectations of mid-60s London. A young writer struggles to commit fully to the artist’s life…

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    March Hares
    ( paperback )

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    March Hares collects thirty years of Aidan Higgins’s essays, papers, and diaries, offering reflections on modern literature, modern readers, and Higgins’s own experience of the literary life in the twentieth century. In witty, insightful, often musical prose, Higgins discusses and draws connections between a wide array of major literary figures, including Melville, Flaubert, Joyce, Beckett, O’Brien, Olson, and Pinter.

  • Sale! Tunnel of Babel

    Tunnel of Babel
    ( Paperback )

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    In this sequel to his recent novel God’s Hazard and the theological medita- tions of his classic Experience and Religion, Nicholas Mosley shifts between essay and fiction in his examination of the place of faith in contempo- rary culture. Mosley embraces with cautious optimism the evidence of a growing “thaw” (in fiction, film, and public discourse) regarding the acceptance of religion in the modern world, and presents his own daring contribution to this trend: a story of a modern-day Holy Family formed by a male writer, a woman, and her son of dubious parentage. Taking a stand against both the militant atheism of Richard Dawkins and sectar- ian fundamentalism, Mosley argues for a clear-sighted form of deistic faith based not on unquestioning certainty but on an ongoing reappraisal of truth and ethics.

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    Fighting with Shadows
    ( paperback )

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    “Healy understood how the human mind ebbs and flows.”—Irish Times

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    Rambling Jack
    ( pb )

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    This novella recounts the imagination of a lonely old man who becomes obsessed by a beautiful young girl in his village. Every moment is filled with thoughts and fantasies about her. Eventually lines cross as this fantasy becomes a reality, paternal feeling and sexual urges combine as they become lovers. Rambling Jack is a brilliant, poetic account of an old man’s wandering mind.