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Context N°24

With Arno Camenisch, Niclas Lundkvist, Märt Väljataga, West Camel, Kathryn Toolan, Sarah Baume, Peter Dimock, Scott McLaughlin, Louis Paul Boon, Niall Keegan, Jorge Etcheverry, David Vichnar, Helena Buffery, Jacques Jouet, David Dwyer, William O’Rourke, Alois Hotschnig, Philip Coleman, Viktor Shklovsky, interviews of Andrej Blatnik and Drago Jančar, and illustrations by Nick Wadley Read on! →

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Vol. XXIX , #3 Dalkey Archive Annual 3

  Editor’s Note From Siamese, by Stig Sæterbakken (Translated by Stokes Schwartz) From transcript, by Heimrad Bäcker (Translated by Patrick Greaney & Vincent Kling) From A Philosphy of Evil, by Lars Svendsen (Translated by Kerri A. Pierce) From The Sextine Read on! →


The Plurality of Worlds of Lewis

This collection of prose and poetry elaborates on themes explored in Roubaud’s Some Thing Black, which the Times Literary Supplement called “a harrowing book . . . an elegy for our time.” As in the earlier collection, Roubaud grapples… Read on! →


Context N°2

  • Reading Carole Maso
  • Reading Jacques Roubaud
  • Reading Jean Rhys
  • From Tristram Shandy, Volume VI, Chapter XL
  • From Don Quixote de la Mancha, Book Two, Chapter One

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