Vol. II, # 1 Douglas Woolf / Wallace Markfield

Books by Wallace Markfield and Douglas Woolf John O’Brien, “Interview with Wallace Markfield” Sanford Pinsker, “‘Whoosh and Gaah!': The New York Intellectuals in Wallace Markfield’s To an Early Grave“ Melvin J. Friedman, “The Enigma of Unpopularity and Critical Neglect: The Read on! →

Vol. I, #2 Paul Metcalf / Hubert Selby

Books by Paul Metcalf and Hubert Selby, Jr. John O’Brien, “An Interview with Paul Metcalf” George Butterick, “Paul Metcalf and the Documentary Narrative” Richard Grossinger, “Notes for a Festschrift on Paul Metcalf” Tom Churchill, “From Melville to Olson to Metcalf: Read on! →

Vol. I, #1 Gilbert Sorrentino

Books by Gilbert Sorrentino John O’Brien, “An Interview with Gilbert Sorrentino” Gilbert Sorrentino, “The Act of Creation and Its Artifact” Gilbert Sorrentino, “From Work-in-Progress, Blue Pastoral“ Hubert Selby, Jr., “Gilbert Sorrentino” Toby Olson, “Sorrentino’s Past” Sharon Thesen, “‘in the song Read on! →


Theory of Prose

Viktor Shklovsky’s 1925 book Theory of Prose might have become the most important work of literary criticism in the twentieth century had not two obstacles barred its way: the crackdown by Soviet dictatorship on Shklovsky and other Russian… Read on! →


A Sentimental Journey: Memoirs, 1917-1922

Viktor Shklovsky’s A Sentimental Journey, which borrows its title from Laurence Sterne, describes the travels of a bewildered intellectual through Russia, Persia, the Ukraine, and the Caucasus during the period of the Russian Revolution. Valuable as a… Read on! →


Literature and Cinematography

In this short, brilliant book, Viktor Shklovsky enunciates the function of the arts: what they are and, just as importantly, what they are not. In the course of defining what art is, by implication he also quietly lays to waste the theories and people… Read on! →


Knight’s Move

First published in 1923, Knight’s Move is a collection of articles and short critical pieces that Viktor Shklovsky, no doubt the most original literary critic and theoretician of the twentieth century, wrote for the newspaper The Life of Art Read on! →


The Enamoured Knight

This book is filled with passion and love for the art of writing and is a celebration of reading. Through the prism of the great Russian Formalist Viktor Shklovsky, Douglas Glover provides a scrupulous reading of Cervantes’s Don Quixote. Read on! →


Energy of Delusion: A Book on Plot

One of the greatest literary minds of the twentieth century, Viktor Shklovsky writes the critical equivalent of what Ross Chambers calls “loiterature”—writing that roams, playfully digresses, moving freely between the literary work and the… Read on! →



Out in English translation for the first time, Bowstring is a seminal work, in which Shklovsky redefines estrangement (ostranenie) as a device of the literary comparatist—the “person out of place,” who must search for meaning with a strained sensibility. Read on! →