Vol. XV, #3 Brigid Brophy / Robert Creeley / Osman Lins

Steven Moore, “Brigid Brophy: An Introduction and Checklist” Chris Hopkins, “The Neglect of Brigid Brophy” Mark Axelrod, “Mozart, Moonshots, and Monkey Business in Brigid Brophy’s Hackenfeller’s Ape“ Patricia Juliana Smith, “Desperately Seeking Susan[na]: Closeted Quests and Mozartean Gender Bending in Read on! →

Vol. X, #3 Grove Press Number

INTRODUCTIONS S. E. Gontarski, “Dionysis in Publishing: Barney Rosset, Grove Press, and the Making of a Countercanon” John Oakes, “Barney Rosset and the Art of Combat Publishing: An Interview” Barney Rosset, “On Publishing” DOCUMENTS “Military Intelligence?” Samuel Beckett, “Letters to Read on! →

Vol. VIII, #3 The Novelist as Critic

George Garrett, “‘Once More unto the Breach, Dear Friends, Once More': The Publishing Scene and American Literary Art” John Barth, “Postmodernism Revisited” Gilbert Sorrentino, “Writing and Writers: Disjecta Membra“ David Foster Wallace, “Fictional Futures and the Conspicuously Young” Claude Ollier, Read on! →

Vol. VI, #1 Special Fiction Issue

Robert Pinget, “from The Apocrypha“ Harry Mathews, “Armenian Papers” Wallace Markfield, “Unmaking It” Ann Rower, “Vito in Europe, Part II” Thomas McGonigle, “from The Corpse Dream of N. Petkov“ Margaret Mitchell Dukore, “Model Wife” Margaret Mitchell Dukore, “In Another World” Read on! →


Vol. IV, #3 Camilo Jose Cela

Camilo José Cela, “La Mancha in My Heart” Camilo José Cela, “The World of the Bullfight on the Eve of the Spanish Civil War: The Tertulia in ‘Despedide’s Tavern’ on the Afternoon Before the Uprising” Camilo José Cela, “Supper with Read on! →

Vol. III, #3 Julio Cortazar / John Hawkes

Evelyn Picon Garfield, “Interview with Julio Cortazar” Julio Cortazar, “An Approach to Lezama Lima” Julio Cortazar, “Some Aspects of the Short Story” Julio Cortazar, “On the Short Story and Its Environs” John Ditsky, “End of the Game: The Early Fictions Read on! →

Vol. II, #3 Paul Bowles / Coleman Dowell

Books by Paul Bowles and Coleman Dowell Eric Mottram, “Paul Bowles: Staticity and Terror” Irving Malin, “Drastic Points” Paul Metcalf, “A Journey in Search of Bowles” Wayne Pounds, “Let It Come Down and Inner Geography” Wendy Lesser, “Paul Bowles’s Collected Read on! →

Vol. I, #2 Paul Metcalf / Hubert Selby

Books by Paul Metcalf and Hubert Selby, Jr. John O’Brien, “An Interview with Paul Metcalf” George Butterick, “Paul Metcalf and the Documentary Narrative” Richard Grossinger, “Notes for a Festschrift on Paul Metcalf” Tom Churchill, “From Melville to Olson to Metcalf: Read on! →



Like a series of snapshots, this novel presents a picture of a particular Brooklyn neighborhood between the years 1935 and 1951, covering the Depression, World War II, the beginnings of the Cold War and the Korean War. In short, colorful, dramatic… Read on! →