Vol. VII, #3 Harry Mathews

Harry Mathews, “Self-Portrait (1985)” Harry Mathews, “For Prizewinners” John Ash, “A Conversation with Harry Mathews” Harry Mathews, “From Harry Mathews’s Notebook” John Ashbery, “John Ashbery Interviewing Harry Mathews” Harry Mathews, “Owen and Phoebe: II 1962-1963″ Edmund White, “Their Masks, Their Read on! →



Based on the life of Post-Impressionist painter Paul Gauguin, Jacques Jouet’s Savage compels the reader to ask whether it is the primitive or the civilized man who is savage. At the height of the Belle Époque, an eccentric young clothing… Read on! →


My Beautiful Bus

Poetic, comic, obsessed with minutiae, MY BEAUTIFUL BUS is a welcome dose of serious frivolity at the expense of the contemporary novel . . . Read on! →

context 24

Context N°24

With Arno Camenisch, Niclas Lundkvist, Märt Väljataga, West Camel, Kathryn Toolan, Sarah Baume, Peter Dimock, Scott McLaughlin, Louis Paul Boon, Niall Keegan, Jorge Etcheverry, David Vichnar, Helena Buffery, Jacques Jouet, David Dwyer, William O’Rourke, Alois Hotschnig, Philip Coleman, Viktor Shklovsky, interviews of Andrej Blatnik and Drago Jančar, and illustrations by Nick Wadley Read on! →

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Two minutes into the second act, Nicolas Boehlmer finds himself bound, gagged, and stripped by a man who appears to be his mirror image: costumed in the same wig, makeup, and clothes. Nicolas is powerless to prevent his usurper from playing his role . . . Read on! →


Mountain R

In an unnamed country, the President of the Republican Council, wanting to “do something big,” strikes upon the idea of building a 1,500-meter high mountain as an inspirational monument to national greatness. Construction of the mountain will reduce… Read on! →


Context N°17

  • Reading Michal Ajvaz
  • Letter from France
  • Letter from Finland
  • Letter from Croatia
  • Interview with Jirí Grusa

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Context N°14

  • Reading Jacques Jouet
  • Reading Pierre Klossowski
  • Reading Violette Leduc's La Bâtarde
  • Reading Wilson Harris’s The Mask of the Beggar
  • Reading Nicholas Mosley

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