ORHPANS writer, Hadrien Laroche, talks to the Irish Times about his writing, working in Ireland, and the Irish novel

It is the dilemma of many an aspiring writer. If you want to write books and keep food on the table, it’s best to keep the day job.


A character in Hadrien Laroche’s novel , which will be published in English by Dalkey Archive Press on October 27th, asked one question of the writers and artists he met: “Where does the money come from? . . . It seemed to him that a successful artist or thinker was one who had resolved this problem.”


“That’s it, exactly!” Laroche says. “I write books, but I’m not making a living out of it. So far, being a French civil servant is my solution.” He quotes Jean-Jacques Rousseau: “My job could feed me if my books did not sell, and that is what made them sell.”


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