Michael Biggins awarded Lavrinova Diploma by the Slovenian Literary Translators’ Association

“This year’s Lavrinova Diploma award, conferred by the Slovenian Literary Translators’ Association for major contributions in the transfer of Slovenian literature to other nations, will go to US translator and Slovenian language professor Michael Biggins. The association has said it is honouring Biggins for his translation oeuvre, his aesthetic perfection and his role as an intermediary between Slovenia and the English-speaking world.
Biggins has been contributing to the promotion of Slovenian literature in the US for a number of years and is satisfied only with highest quality, which is proven by his translations of books and essays, the association said […] His translations include works by the likes of Vladimir Bartol, Boris Pahor, Drago Jančar, and Tomaž Šalamun …”

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Award announcement from Slovenian Literary Translators Association (DSKP) (in Slovenian)

Books translated by Michael Biggins:

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