Since 1984, Dalkey Archive Press has made available to readers the finest works of world literature from the past 100 years. The intention of the Press is to serve as a permanent home for these works, so that they will continue to be read by present and future generations.

This mission is supported in part by grants and donations from individuals, foundations, and government agencies. In particular, Dalkey Archive has received significant funding from the following sources:

* University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
* Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
* Argentinian Ministry of Culture
* Arno Schmidt Stiftung
* Arts Council England (ACE)
* Arts Council Ireland
* Australia Council for the Arts
* Austrian Ministry of Culture
* Belgian Ministry of Culture
* Book Institute Poland
* Books from Lithuania
* Canton Ticino (Department of Sport, Education, & Culture)
* Centre for Information on Literature Slovakia
Centre National du Livre
* Chicago Community Trust
* Consulat General de France
Consulate General of Israel in New York
* Coordinating Council of Literary Magazines
* Czech Ministry of Culture
* Danish Arts Council
* Elizabeth F. Cheney Foundation
* Elizabeth Kostova Foundation
* Embassy of Austria
* Embassy of Liechtenstein
* Embassy of Macedonia
* Embassy of Spain
* Embassy of Switzerland
* Estonian Cultural Endowment
* The Estonian Literature Centre
* Estonian Ministry of Culture
* Everest Publishing
* Federal Chancellery of Austria
* FILI (Finnish Literature Exchange)
* Finlandia Foundation
* Flemish Literature Fund
* Florence Gould Foundation
* French Ministry of Culture
* French Cultural Services
Fundação Biblioteca Nacional
* Hungarian Book Foundation
* Icelandic Literature Fund
* Illinois Arts Council
* Institut Perevoda
* Institute Ramon Llull
* Instituto Português do Livro e das Bibliotecas
* Italian Ministry of Culture
* Japan Foundation
* Japanese Literature Publishing Project (JLPP)
* The Josef & Anni Albers Foundation
* Joyce Foundation
* Korean Literature Translation Institute
* Lannan Foundation
* Latvian Literature Centre
Literárne Informačné Centrum
* Lila Wallace-Reader’s Digest Fund
Max Geilinger Stiftung
* McLean County Arts Council
* Mexican Ministry of Culture
Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia
* Ministry of Culture of Macedonia
* Ministry of Culture of the Netherlands
* Ministry of Culture of Portugal: DGLB
* National Book Centre of Greece (EKEBI)
* National Endowment for the Arts
* National Poetry Foundation
* NORLA (Norwegian Literature Abroad)
* Paul A. Funk Foundation
* Polish Book Institute
* Polish Cultural Institute
* Polish Institute of Arts & Sciences
* Portuguese Ministry of Culture
* Pro Helvetia
* Program for Cultural Cooperation
Programa ProSur
* ProTrad (Mexico)
* Republic of Turkey
* Romanian Cultural Institute
* Royal Netherlands Embassy
* Royal Norwegian Embassy
* Samuel J. Baskin Charitable Trust
* Slovene Writers’ Association
* Slovenian Book Agency
* Society Heimrad Backer
* The Soros Fund
* Spanish Ministry of Culture
* Swedish Arts Council
Swiss Benevolent Society of Chicago
* TEDA (Ministry of Culture of Turkey)
* Trubar Foundation
* University of Guadalajara
* The Vilcek Foundation
* Villa Gillet
Ville de Porrentruy
* Welsh Books Council

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