Eric Dickens, Dalkey Translator, passes away

We received the following announcement from Robert Chandler this morning:

I am sad to say that the translator Eric Dickens died in hospital last night, in his sleep. He had pancreatic cancer and his death was expected. I did not know him personally, but we corresponded occasionally and he was a vocal member of the Translators Association email forum. Among the many languages he knew were Russian and Polish, and he lived for a year in Poland during the 1970s. I feel a certain kinship with him, in so far as the number of English-speakers with real experience of the Soviet Union and Soviet-occupied Eastern Europe is now beginning to diminish. Eric’s deepest concern, at least in recent years, was with Estonian literature. Here is a link to an interview published five years ago:




We at Dalkey Archive are saddened to hear of his loss.

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