Los Angeles Review of Books reviews A ROOM

“A ROOM is a gift to the reading world … In Shimoni’s prose, we’re reminded of all the possibilities that narratives still possess — the catch and release of details, the fragmentary quality of perception and understanding, the playfulness, even with Read on! →

Complete Review reviews COLD SHOULDER

“Werner’s slim novel has the appearance of the closely realist, a simple, factual narrative describing events, in part in precise detail. But it’s a deceptive sort of realism, a fading in and out of tight focus — to good effect Read on! →

Full Stop reviews A ROOM

“Youval Shimoni’s A Room is a big book. The 597 pages of Michael Sharp’s translation from the Hebrew into English weighs a little under two pounds. And yet it feels like it should be bigger, should weigh more: the novel Read on! →

The Irish Times reviews LANGRISHE, GO DOWN

“Half a century on, Aidan Higgins’s debut novel remains bold, expressive and daring.” Read the full review by Eileen Battersby on the Irish Times website. LANGRISHE, GO DOWN is available for purchase.

Publisher’s Weekly reviews BORDER TOWNS

Publisher’s Weekly: “Race informs all categories,” says Giscombe (Into and out of Dislocation), and indeed race is a theme throughout this collection of essays. The selections fit very snugly within the borders of critical theory, but the author’s voice always Read on! →


Robert Pinget’s GRAAL FILBUSTE is “a never-ending journey about the infinite possibilities of language,” according to reviewer, Sebastien Doubinsky. Read his complete review here, via The Missing Slate.