REVIEW: The Complete Review on A VOYAGE TO INDIA

“In building on the greats Tavares also strikes out in entirely new directions. He has little interest in simple, humble homage or deferential imitation: he goes his own way … creating a modern work, suited to (and reflecting) contemporary times.” Read Read on! →

The Irish Examiner reviews WRITING THE SKY

“The editors had to cope with a dramatic change of perspective when the subject of Writing the Sky died suddenly while it was being written. What was intended as a celebration of an under- appreciated living writer turned overnight into Read on! →

The Complete Review reviews MANNEQUIN

“Mannequin is an impressively layered story that captures a variety of characters and voices exceptionally well. Dosing poignancy and sentimentality well, the novel manages to feel very real and grounded, despite all its fantastical invention and Jini’s often almost fairy-tale-like Read on! →

World Literature Today reviews THE ENCOUNTER

Can horrific psychic wounds from wartime ever really heal? Can one merely will oneself to forget? These are the major themes explored in this newly translated novel by Gabriela Adameșteanu. Read the full review here. The Encounter is available for Read on! →