Context N°13 by Anne Burke Foundations . . . Is there anyone working at a foundation in the United States who can name a single book written by an Iraqi? a Syrian? a Jordanian? an Iranian? Does this suggest what Read on! →

Reading José Saramago

Context N°13 by Zulfikar Ghose The first of José Saramago’s novels to be published in English translation came out in 1987, and it is gratifying to reflect that a Portuguese writer was accorded this well-deserved recognition eleven years before he Read on! →

Reading Ingeborg Bachmann

Context N°13 by John Taylor When the Austrian writer and poet Ingeborg Bachmann died tragically in 1973 at the age of forty-seven, she had completed only one part of an ambitious novelistic series called Todesarten [Death Styles]. This finished part Read on! →

Reading Lydie Salvayre

Context N°13 by Warren Motte Surging up out of the narcissistic 1990s, Lydie Salvayre’s writing is like a breath of fresh air. Two aspects of her work are truly distinctive: her gaze and her voice, that is, the way she Read on! →

A Simple Question

Context N°14 by John O’Brien Why are there so few literary translations published each year in the United States, and what can be done about this cultural travesty? First, how many translations are there, and of what? My intent here Read on! →

“Balkans, My Balkans”

Context N°14 by Dubravka Ugresic 1. Images 3. 1. Images The old pop song “Balkan” by the Croatian singer Johnny Stulic popped back out of oblivion and now circulates among young ex-Yugoslavs. Why have young people spontaneously resurrected this particular Read on! →


Context N°14 by Anne Burke We here at Dalkey Archive Press were honored to be invited to St. Petersburg this summer to participate in the Summer Literary Seminar writers workshops (see page 24). Very interesting experience. I am not good Read on! →