Reading Louis Calaferte

Context N°12 by John Taylor Scotch-taped to a bookcase near my writing desk is a small piece of paper on which the following bold words appear: “Quant à vous—écrivez!” This imperative essentially means:”As for yourself—take courage, get back to your Read on! →

Reading Douglas Woolf’s Ya! & John-Juan

Context N°12 by Robert Creeley Douglas Woolf was an uncannily reflective person—as though he chose to take his color and shape from the surrounding world rather than to force upon it his own determinations and judgement. However, what he did Read on! →

Mrs. Bush Defends Her Son

Context N°13 My Dearest Americans, I have maintained a respectful silence about George Junior for a long time, but as his mother, I must speak up in view of the onslaught of criticism and name-calling that has gone on since Read on! →

University and Bookstore Advisors

Context N°13 A Ralph Adamo, Dillard University Gail Adams, West Virginia University Aubrey Adkins, Powell’s Books, Beaverton, OR Tom Ahern, Latitude 33, Laguna Beach, CA Philip Ahrens, Gotham Book Mart, New York, NY Beth Alcouloumre, Borders Books & Music, Kallua-Kona, Read on! →

Reading Guide

Context N°13 We asked our academic and bookstore advisors across the country to respond to a number of questions. The following lists were compiled from their responses. BEST LITERARY REVIEW SOURCES Our advisors were asked to name the literary review Read on! →

Review of Literary Resources

Context N°13 by Megan McDowell In this issue we’re focusing on literary magazines that specialize in translation of eastern and central European writing. Since so little translated literature from any country is published here (around two percent of literary titles Read on! →

From Third Factory

Context N°13 by Viktor Shklovsky Although this is very much a book that works through the interaction of its parts, and therefore a book for which excerpts do not really do justice, we’re including a few here to coincide with Read on! →

From Chapel Road

Context N°13 by Louis Paul Boon Written in the 1950s and first translated into English in the early ‘70s, Chapel Road is a major work of Flemish literature that has been unjustly ignored in this country for its alleged pessimism, Read on! →


Context N°13 by Dubravka Ugresic “This is not a battle to fight.” —Graffiti in a New York restaurant I read in the newspaper that at an auction at Sotheby’s in London a small tin of shit sold for £17, 250. Read on! →