Jobs, Fellowships, & Internships



Dalkey Archive Press will be offering internships during the summer and fall of 2017.

The Press will train students, either current or post-BA, in the various areas of publishing that will, when completed, provide candidates with the skills and knowledge necessary to compete for positions in literary publishing.

Candidates will be considered in the following areas: editorial (copy editing, proofreading, and evaluating incoming submissions); production (layout, design); website management and social media; marketing (planning, publicity, and sales); data management (generating reports, maintaining and expanding customer lists); fundraising (research, prospect identification, grant writing, proposals); assistant to the Publisher (including contracts); media/publicity.

Success in internships depends upon the following: 1) available time; 2) preparation and relevant experience; 3) commitment to learning and desiring challenges; 4) self-motivated, expectation of excellence; 5) hard work.

Applicants must be available for a minimum or 20 hours per week, but fulltime is advantageous. Internships can be held in any one of Dalkey’s locations (Texas, Illinois, Dublin, Ireland). Each office has openings for only 1-2 people.

Applicants must submit: 1) complete resume, recording education, previous employment and dates; 2) a cover letter that explains qualifications, future plans, familiarity with Dalkey Archive’s list of authors and books, as well citing which books/authors have already been read; 3) a potential start-date for the internship; 4) a list of foreign languages at what level; 5) time available and for what period of time: to fully benefit, interns must be available for at least 3-4 months, but are greatly encouraged to be available for 8-9 months.

There are no specific deadlines, and internships will be considered throughout the year depending upon openings; candidates are encouraged to apply early before all internships have been filled. Applicants should also be flexible about the area or areas of interests; for instance, an internship in editing may be filled, but very valuable areas may be available, and will help to give interns a wider range of experience.

Send all applications to Jake Snyder, Associate Director: