Vol. II, #2 William Gaddis / Nicholas Mosley

John Kuehl and Steven Moore, “An Interview with William Gaddis” Carl D. Malmgren, “William Gaddis’s JR: The Novel of Babel” Steven Weisenburger, “Paper Currencies: Reading William Gaddis” Joel Dana Black, “The Paper Empires and Empirical Fictions of William Gaddis” Kathleen Read on! →


Letters of William Gaddis

Now recognized as one of the giants of postwar American fiction, William Gaddis (1922–98) shunned the spotlight during his life, which makes this collection of his letters a revelation . . . Read on! →


Dodge Rose

The most astonishing debut novel of the decade, Dodge Rose calls to mind Henry Green in its skewed use of colloquial speech, Joyce in its love of inventories, and William Gaddis in its virtuoso lampooning of law, high finance, and national myth. Read on! →