An Interview with Svetislav Basara

Context N°16 By Ana Lucic Svetislav Basara, born in 1953, is a major figure in Serbian and Eastern European literature. He is the author of more than twenty literary works, including novels, story collections, and essays. He has received numerous Read on! →

Mongolian Travel Guide mc

Mongolian Travel Guide

Hired to write a travel article for a magazine, Ulan-Bator ventures to Mongolia, where he finds a cast of odd and outlandish expatriates, including an ex-Red Army officer turned Buddhist, a French zombie, and an American correspondent for a newspaper that no longer exists. Read on! →

Search of the Grail FRONT

In Search of the Grail

In Search of the Grail continues Svetislav Basara’s “Cyclist Conspiracy,” a fantastical exploration of civilizational decline told through an array of strange and esoteric documents. Readers are introduced to a secret history of the twentieth century, shown that behind the well-known wars and political revolutions of the period numerous secret organizations vied for supremacy through the control of books, knowledge, and dreams. Read on! →

Fata Morgana

Fata Morgana

Svetislav Basara’s short fiction plays wild games with time and space while nonetheless keeping one foot grounded at all times in the real-life concerns of a young writer during the late communist and postcommunist eras in the former Yugoslavia. Read on! →

Letter from Sarajevo

Context N°18 by John Taylor If you struggle with the moral questions raised by the disastrous political commitments of certain otherwise stimulating or even essential writers, then ponder this anecdote. It goes back to the years 1992-95, when Sarajevo was Read on! →

from Chinese Letter

Context N°19 by Svetislav Basara There is no use beating around the bush. I have to face an unpleasant fact. I will soon die. I don’t know exactly when. Perhaps in an hour, perhaps in a day, a month, a Read on! →

Letter from Serbia

Context N°22 If you happen to be passing through Belgrade, Novi Sad, Nis, Kragujevac, Subotica, or any larger city in Serbia, you shouldn’t miss a chance to visit a local bookstore. By looking at bookstore displays—selections that frequently range from Read on! →