A Conversation with Carole Maso By Stephen Moore

From “The Review of Contemporary Fiction,” Fall 1997, Vol. 17.3 STEVEN MOORE: You’ve been called an “experimental” writer; while innovation is valued, even insisted on in the other arts (painting, dancing, music), innovation in literature seems to meet with resistance. Read on! →

Re-Reading David Markson’s ‘Wittgenstein’s Mistress’

Context N°24 Revisiting David Foster Wallace Philip Coleman First published in 1988—after fifty-four rejections, famously—and described by David Foster Wallace, in 1999, as one of the five most “direly underappreciated US novels >1960”—David Markson’s Wittgenstein’s Mistress has, for all that, Read on! →

Reading W. M. Spackman

Context N°18 by Jeremy M. Davies I had been an admirer of Dalkey Archive for a good while—not suspecting that I would work for them a few years down the line—and it was their logo that attracted me to The Read on! →


Vol. XVII, #3 Raymond Queneau / Carole Maso

Mary Campbell-Sposito, “CANIS MAJOR: Introducing Raymond Queneau” Gilbert Sorrentino, “Variations for Raymond Queneau”* Raymond Queneau, “Interviews with Georges Charbonnier—No. 5″ Raymond Queneau, “Technique of the Novel” Raymond Queneau, “From Children of Clay“ Harry Mathews, “Charity Begins at Home” Gilbert Pestureau, Read on! →


Vol. XV, #3 Brigid Brophy / Robert Creeley / Osman Lins

Steven Moore, “Brigid Brophy: An Introduction and Checklist” Chris Hopkins, “The Neglect of Brigid Brophy” Mark Axelrod, “Mozart, Moonshots, and Monkey Business in Brigid Brophy’s Hackenfeller’s Ape“ Patricia Juliana Smith, “Desperately Seeking Susan[na]: Closeted Quests and Mozartean Gender Bending in Read on! →


Vol. XIV, #2 New Flemish Fiction

Preface Acknowledgments Hugo Bousset, “The Far North and the Deep South: Contemporary Fiction in the Netherlands and Flanders” Ivo Michiels, “The White Tents by the Tall Windows” Paul de Wispelaere, “The Charred Alphabet” Hugo Claus, “A Gentle Destruction” Mark Insingel, Read on! →